mimbar360 revives local mosques so they become the vibrant community hubs they were always intended to be

We connect architects and designers to mosques developments (existing and future) projects to combine classic design, well-being principles, and extensive community engagement to upgrade worship spaces so they work for the entire communities.

Placing importance on place, people and wellbeing.

Our Mission is to build on the work of those who came before us - combining their wisdom with community involvement, research and classic design principles to revive mosques so they work for entire communities.

thoughtfully balances elements of:


We find our strength through community and cooperation, this means building an active community working at all levels of the faith, together and closer. 

Inclusivity | Sociability | Connectivity


To be able to feel connected, we need spaces to connect.

Focus Area:

Accessibility | Ease of use | Connectivity


Reimagining how Mosques and Islamic community centres can be used as community spaces and create social value to meet the community needs.

Focus Area: Spatial Design|Functionality| Digital Placemaking


The focus is to bridge the existing gap between the demands of those who seek out spaces that enhance their spiritual productivity and the spaces that are providing these services. 

Focus Area:
Services| Events


Informing is the foundation of community work. We envision new possibilities by building upon the existing i.e by amplifying spaces that are actively committed to the purpose we share.

Focus Area:
Awareness through communication.

Activities and Initiatives

Surveyed 300 Muslims in the UK
Surveyed 300 Muslims in the UK

We can do a lot together!

We love cultivating community around spaces that promote productivity and collaboration.
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