Our Story

What is Mimbar360?

The name ‘Mimbar360’ is derived from the term Mimbar, a short flight of steps used as a platform by a preacher in a mosque.
‘360’ represents our intention to reach out to Muslims in all directions and from every community and connect them on one platform.
Typical Side Elevation of a Mimbar at Mosques.
‘Mimbar’ as written in Arabic.
Mimbar360 logo! The mark in the center reads ‘Mimbar’ and the circle with the degree symbol represents 360.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to create a space that is:

A safe space for institutions to tell their story.
Demonstrates Transparency and Integrity
Devoted to
Authentic Islamic practices

A space for collaboration.

Creating places for people to connect with

mimbar360 aims to conduct comparative research on Islamic architecture to psychology to build a strong evidence base about the wide-ranging ways architecture impacts our well-being and makes places resonate by deepening people’s connection to those spaces.

We want to connect you with the spaces you need and have your say

We aim to bring to the surface...

mimbar360 aims for the community to feel connected to the spaces.

(adjective) words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns.
1. Easy to approach to reach or to use



mimbar360 aims to provide opportunities and utilise available resources in the community that enable them to be engaged in faith-inspired projects.


(noun) refers to person, place, thing, event, substance, quality
1. The action of facilitating something



mimbar360 aims to raise awareness by building on existing work and offering personalised information to all.

(noun) The state of being able to see or be seen.

Our approach & focus

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Our Team

Ikram Hirse

Founder of mimbar360

With an academic and professional background in the Not for Profit, Private and Public sectors, Ikram strives to use her experiences to build a community that digitally connects with islamic institutions in a sustainable and social manner.

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Architect, Graphic Designer​/Videographer

Sarah is currently a Part II architecture student in her second year of her Masters at the University of Westminster. I am interested in the cultural and political aspects of design as well as materiality exploration, and moveable and kinetic architecture. I have taken part in the design of religious spaces such as mosques whilst working for Shahed Saleem, and in the design of public community spaces with MUF Architects. I also enjoy experimenting with other mediums of expression, such as graphic design which is part of the reason why I am working with Mimbar360.

Lela Sujani

Architecture Writer

Lela Sujani is an Indonesian architect and writer and based in London. She is also co-founder of PATCH Collective, a multidisciplinary collective. Her work explores place-making in the context of the diaspora. Her interests include utilizing writing and event curation as tools to critically engage with topics related to the built environment and advocating for underrepresented groups in the public realm.

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Sara Omar

Writer & Researcher (Sustainable building)

Sara is an MSc student studying healthy urbanism and writer who’s work focuses on health and wellbeing. Sara also works as a social media manager delivering campaigns and creating content connecting communities online.



Grant Recieved!

We have been fortunate to receive a grant from Paul Hamlyn Foundation under Ideas and Pioneer Grant for £15k. We collaborated with Muslim Census to gather insights to help SIDQ effectively build our strategy to support Islamic institutions in the UK. Exciting times!

Survey and Research
We will then review the report and our priorities. Then we will put together a focus group to dig deeper. We will then develop our identity, key messages and build our community.
Name Update -Mimbar360

We felt the need to update the name of the initiative as well, based on the insights and the ultimate goal of the initiative. Mimbar360 will be the new name of our Initiative now, InShaAllah.

Brand Positioning, Identity Design & Website

We developed the Brand Narrative and Identity Design for Mimbar360. We developed our website to keep you updated.

Education and Awareness Through Social Media

We will run a social media campaign to engage the users and get their real-time insights to help us create a curated user experience. The social media campaign also aims to create awareness and importance of the Mosque, historically and in a contemporary context. 

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